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Summer Highlights from the Guest House

The Family Reconciliation Center's front and back yards are in tip-top condition, thanks to our volunteers, who pitched in for a thorough spring cleaning.

Hard-working board members Mike Hudson, Ann Means, Korsi Dumenyo and John Kennedy trimmed bushes, cleared weeds, and hauled out debris from the Guest House property, ensuring we look fresh and new again as we continue to welcome back overnight guests. Helping our board members were long-time volunteers Susan Hudson and Barry Kolar.

Thank you, everyone! And a special thank you to board members Jane DuBose and Mike Engle for handling lawn-mowing duties as well.


In case you missed it…

Sharing Pat’s Story on #GiveSomethingAwayDay

Last month, we shared Pat’s Story as part of our 2021 #GiveSomethingAwayDay Campaign. Pat has been staying with Family Reconciliation Center for several years while she visits her loved one in prison. Overall, the campaign raised more than $2,300!

If you missed it, be sure to watch the video above to hear about Pat’s journey to FRC and the impact our community has made on her life. Thank you for supporting our work and making FRC possible!

Did you miss your chance to donate to the #GiveSomethingAwayDay campaign? Don’t fret. You can support us any day of the year by donating on our website. Give today »


Our new House Manager, Melissa McCall, is excited to meet you.

Have you heard? Family Reconciliation Center welcomed a new House Manager, Melissa McCall, in June. We’re so delighted to welcome her to the FRC community!


You can support FRC while you shop, without spending an extra dime.

Don’t forget: you can support FRC while you shop on Amazon. Set FRC as your preferred AmazonSmile charity and place all of your orders with Amazon.


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