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We have five bedrooms to offer guests. Some of these rooms have multiple beds, so families can stay together. We also have disability-accessible rooms, for those in wheelchairs or using walkers. And we keep a pack 'n play on site for families with young children.



Our goal is to make this trip as easy and cheap as possible for you. We provide all linens and towels, of course. But we also offer extra toiletries on site, too. Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap... you get the idea. If you forgot something, don't fret: we've got you covered.




Food costs add up when you travel. That's why we have a free community pantry and fridge, which is stock stocked for guests. Volunteers also offer an occasional dinner on Saturday evenings. And we have a coffee and tea station, so you can grab a cuppa whenever you want.

I am on a fixed income. Without Family Reconciliation Center, I would not have been able to visit my son as often. He was able to make parole and the family visits played a huge role in getting my boy out for parole.



A free place to stay during visitation sounds a little too good to be true. But we promise, it's real.


Tennessee has more than 26,000 inmates in state and local facilities. These inmates have parents, partners, children, friends, and loved ones who care about them deeply and want to visit them. We exist in order to make that possible—and easy. If you are visiting a family member, friend, or client in jail or prison, you are eligible to stay with us for free for up to two weeks (14 days, 13 nights). When space allows, we also welcome guests visiting former inmates in transitional housing programs.


Before your first stay with us, our house managers will need to speak to you over the phone to complete an intake for you and any guests in your party. After that, you'll be in our client system and ready to book.


What if I need to cancel my reservation?

We're the only hospitality house serving inmates' loved ones in the state of Tennessee. That means a lot of people need our help. Please, we beg you, call our house managers right away if you need to cancel your reservation. Chances are we have a waitlist, and someone else needs your room. "No shows" are devastating to our community.

When is check-in/check-out?

Check-in is by appointment. Check-out is by 11am.

What else is provided during my stay?

You are encouraged to use the common areas of the house to your heart's desire. We offer a kitchen with a community fridge, pantry, and coffee/tea station, access to a community computer, free WiFi, and a fenced-in backyard, meditation garden, picnic tables, and a grill. Most bedrooms also have a television.

Are pets allowed?

Personal pets are not permitted. Service dogs are allowed in accordance with the ADA and Tennessee state law.

How far away are the prisons? Do you provide transportation?

Family Reconciliation Center is 7–10 minutes from DeBerry Special Needs Facility, Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center (formerly Tennessee Prison for Women), and Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. We do not provide transportation to/from the prisons.

Are any items/belongings prohibited?

Family Reconciliation is an alcohol, drug, and weapon-free community. You may not bring these items to our property, including firearms you are licensed to carry. Guests who bring these items on to the property will be asked to leave and barred from making future reservations.

I want to donate to say "thank you." How do I do that?

Family Reconciliation is completely free; payment is never required. However, some guests want to say "thank you" by donating. If you would like to leave a donation, we suggest $10/day per household. You can donate on our website or leave cash in your room at check-out.

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