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FRC welcomes family of Gary Sutton

Every so often, the Family Reconciliation Center welcomes an entire extended family to stay in our five-bedroom guest house. That was the case with the family of Death Row inmate Gary Sutton. More than a dozen of his family and friends held a news conference outside the Tennessee State Capitol to publicize their efforts to prove his innocence. The event drew state and national media coverage.

Gary’s legal team say his case is “riddled with problems.” In a statement, they said, “The scientific evidence linking Gary to the case is from disgraced state medical examiner Dr. Charles Harlan who was later stripped of his license. Gary is also intellectually disabled, and that claim is currently pending in state court. Gary has always maintained his innocence, and we will continue to work hard to fight for him.”

FRC is honored to host the Suttons and all other families and friends visiting their loved ones in prison.



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