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Building Community.

Managers' Note

January was quiet at the Guest House, with everyone winding down from the holidays. We welcomed a small number of new and returning guests in January, and enjoyed quiet dinners and lots of hot tea and coffee together to stave off the cold. 

Yet even in the quiet, we had bright spots: new volunteers joined our community (see below); generous supporters from near and far sent duvet covers, coffee beans, and mattress toppers to help make the Guest House as welcoming, comfortable, and beautiful as possible; and we moved that much closer to reaching our capital campaign goal, thanks to incredible donors like you. As Catholic theologian Jean Vanier once said, "Building community is caring for humanity." We are a proud collective of many who care in a multitude of ways, big and small. Thank you for building community.


Have you donated yet to our Capital Campaign?

Our capital campaign is coming to a close—but it's not too late to give. You can ensure Family Reconciliation is here for years to come. Here's how to donate:


Love Family Reconciliation? Here are ways you can get involved: Volunteer  |  Grant a Wish  |  Donate


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