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A Message From Our House Manager, Stef Murphy

A man playing the guitar and singing into a microphone

Here's a message from our house manager, Stef Murphy.

"It's been a very enriching learning experience to serve as House Manager at FRC in the last year. I have fallen in love with The Nations as a community in which to live, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know all the guests that pass through our doors on some level.

It's certainly my belief that although “promotion” for what we do can be difficult to navigate, “attraction” based on the testimonies of the families who stay here seems to have a powerful ripple in the community we service. The word is spreading slowly but surely.

One family I've grown very fond of are the Cope/Coke family. Roxy and her grand kids Anna and Lee treat our house like a home and actually in the beginning that was what made me feel more at home when I moved in. Our guest book is always littered with gratitude and the overwhelming feeling I get is that we are a safe harbour for our beloved families."

Note from FRC Board: Stef has been doing a terrific job for us while balancing his day job as a musician.


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