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Who We Are

Family Reconciliation Center is a volunteer-run nonprofit. We have no paid staff. Instead, our dedicated house managers run the guest house in their spare time on free evenings and weekends. Likewise, our board of directors is made up of volunteer community members who oversee the missional, structural, and financial sustainability of the organization.


In other words, Family Reconciliation is a nonprofit that is sustained by individuals who truly care about inmates and their loved ones, and who have dedicated their lives to serving them.


"Back home, nobody really understands what it means to have a loved one in prison. At Family Reconciliation, we've found a community. It feels like a family gathering at Thanksgiving every weekend we come."

—Client of Family Reconciliation Center

Board of Directors

Alvaro Manrique Barrenechea

Jeffrey Daigle

Jane DuBose, Treasurer

Mike Engle

Korsi Dumenyo, Secretary

Dominik Hudson

Mike Hudson

Stacey Killian-Hagewood

​Karen Oertley

Sheri Sellmeyer, Chair

Liz Todaro

Advisory Committee

Joe Altman

Don Dawson

Phil LeGrone

Coke Sams

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