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The H Family

"We are so blessed. This is such an awesome way to help those in need."

It began last August . . . 

. . . when The H Family needed a place to stay during their loved one's parole hearing. They heard through word of mouth that there was a free guest house for inmates' families. So, they found the number and called. They've since stayed twice at Family Reconciliation; both times, they were able to attend the midweek parole hearing, then stay for weekend visitation with their loved one.

"We are so blessed," one of them said while reflecting on the guest house. "This is such an awesome way to help those in need. Coming from Northeast Tennessee to visit—without the help from you all, we could not afford to make the trip. 

If not for the generosity of this house, it would not be possible."

Family Reconciliation Center is a nonprofit hospitality house in Nashville, TN. We provide free overnight rooms to anyone visiting an incarcerated loved one. Learn more at


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