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The Big Payback starts May 6—and we need you more than ever.

Middle Tennessee has endured a harrowing spring, and with the unfolding economic downturn, nonprofit organizations need their supporters more than ever—Family Reconciliation included. On Wednesday, May 6, at 6pm, The Big Payback will begin: a 24-hour online giving blitz hosted by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. If you are in a position to be generous, now is the time. Family Reconciliation will need the full strength of our supporters to weather the uncertainty in the season ahead. We want to ensure that our doors are open for decades to come, and only your donations can make that happen. Here's how you can prepare to support us during The Big Payback.

  1. Bookmark our Big Payback giving page at

  2. Set a reminder on your phone to give on May 6 at 6PM.

  3. Ask two (2) friends to join you in supporting Family Reconciliation Center.

This year has been difficult for so many of the families we serve. At Family Reconciliation, 100% of your donations go toward our guest house program. A gift to Family Reconciliation goes a long way, indeed. Thank you for committing to support us during The Big Payback. We are truly stronger together.


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