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New Year. Classic Vision.

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Managers' Note

What a beautiful—and busy!—holiday season at the Guest House. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Eve dinner and a Christmas brunch, and rang in the new year together as a community. Volunteers donated turkeys and warm blankets, and gathered gifts and supplies for our families and their children. All of us felt truly thankful for the gentle and joyous community that has formed at Family Reconciliation.

In November and December alone, we booked guests from six states and two countries, reminding us of just how great the need is for a place like FRC.

As 2019 unfolds, we're excited for a new year of fulfilling a classic vision: reconciling husband to wife, parent to child, sister to brother, offender to community. Thank you for helping us keep families together. 



From the Guest Book

"Our visits keep our loved one alive. Those visits wouldn't be possible without the Guest House. Thank you for everything you do."

"Thank you for being the Lord's arms extended."

"The first time I came to Nashville for visitation, I stayed by myself in a hotel. The only person I talked to all weekend was the police officer on duty in the parking lot. What a difference."


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