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Family Reconciliation Wins $25k 'Impact Nashville' Award

Jane, Anna, and Sheri stand in front of Impact Nashville banner
(from left) Jane DuBose, Anna Rodriguez Masi, and Sheri Sellmeyer

We are thrilled and honored to share that Family Reconciliation Center is the recipient of the 2019 Women Impact Nashville Award for Small Nonprofits in the amount of $25,500.

Family Reconciliation Center's Board Chair, Sheri Sellmeyer, Board Treasurer, Jane DuBose, and house manager, Anna Rodriguez Masi, had the privilege of presenting the work of Family Reconciliation and the powerful stories of our clients at the Impact Nashville voting ceremony on Thursday evening.

Family Reconciliation Center plans to put the use the funds to make critical upgrades to our organization's physical and digital infrastructure in order to accommodate our increasing capacity, as well as launch a strategic outreach campaign to area inmates and their families.


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