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Family Reconciliation to remain closed through May

Dear FRC Community,

We miss you! Family Reconciliation Center has been closed since mid-March, and we will remain closed through the month of May.

We are eager to re-open the guest house and welcome all of you back. However, the prisons continue to remain closed to visitors. We are also working to operate in accordance with Nashville Mayor John Cooper's roadmap to reopening, which he released on Thursday. In order to begin Phase 1 of the plan, we'll need to see an acceptably stable or declining number of COVID-19 cases locally.

Unfortunately, this means we must remain closed. All May reservations have been cancelled.

We recognize that some of our clients have reservations booked for June and beyond. A reminder that if at any point in the coming weeks you begin to feel ill, even if your symptoms are mild, you are required to cancel your guest house reservations. You must wait 14 days after symptoms have passed before you may book another reservation with us.

We hope all of you are safe and well during this time, and we eagerly await the day when we can all be back together again.


Anna & Jason, House Managers


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