Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, we are welcoming visitors, but we are also following certain protocols in order to keep everyone safe. These include: requiring all visitors to be vaccinated; limiting social gatherings; and asking our guests to wear masks at all times while indoors.

You can see our full COVID-19 re-opening protocols here.

Why do you do this? 

Nashville is home to three major prisons, in addition to the local jails. Every year, thousands of individuals come to Nashville to visit their incarcerated loved ones at these facilities.


In recent years, Nashville hotel prices have skyrocketed, becoming more expensive by the day. Now, many individuals and families simply can't afford to visit. By providing overnight rooms and removing the basic economic barriers to visitation, Family Reconciliation ensures that no family is priced out of visiting their incarcerated loved ones.

Learn more about us here.

How far away is the prison?

Family Reconciliation is a 7–10-minute drive from DeBerry, TPW, and Riverbend. For directions to other facilities, please enter our address into Google Maps.

Do you provide transportation to/from the prison(s)?

No. You must arrange your own transportation for visitation.

Are any items/belongings prohibited?

Family Reconciliation is an alcohol, drug, and weapon-free community. You may not bring these items to our property, including firearms you are licensed to carry. Guests who bring these items on to the property will be asked to leave and barred from making future reservations.

How long can I stay?

You can stay at Family Reconciliation for free for up to two weeks (i.e. up to 14 days or 13 nights).

Who can reserve a room?

Family Reconciliation serves individuals and families visiting their incarcerated loved ones. Learn more specifics and whether you're eligible to book here.

Do I have to leave a donation?

Family Reconciliation is completely free; payment is neverrequired. However, if you would like to leave a donation to support the community, we suggest $10/day per household.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

We have a waitlist most weekends, which means "no shows" are devastating when they occur. Please, we beg you, notify our house managers of your cancellation right away by calling or emailing us.

When is check-in/check-out?

Check-in is 2pm–8pm. Check-out is by 11am.

What amenities are provided during my stay?

You are encouraged to use the common areas to your heart's desire. We offer a kitchen with a community fridge, pantry, and coffee/tea station, access to a community computer, free wifi, and a fenced-in backyard with a children's play set, meditation garden, picnic tables, and a grill. We also provide all linens and towels and have a toiletry shelf, in case you forget something.

I use a wheelchair/walker. Is there a room for me?

Yes. Family Reconciliation has an ADA-accessible entrance, bathroom, and bedroom.


Are pets allowed?

Personal pets are not permitted. Service dogs are allowed in accordance with the ADA and Tennessee state law.